Where your donations go

One hundred percent of donations go to support our partners in Kenya.
We give $ 1000 monthly to pay for a doctor at Sister Freda’s Hospital in Kitale.
We give $100 monthly to Pastor John Esto in the Kipsonga slum in Kitale. Over the years almost all of the plastic huts have been replaced with solid constructed housing. We also use the funds to feed the children in the Kipsonga school.
On our last trip we were able to donate $ 300 to have an unsightly growth removed from Abraham’s left ear and treat another boy with a severe ear infection.
Our GEMS program allows for the adoption of a girl in Kenya and to supply her with school fees, books ,and uniform. Over 30 girls have been adopted in this way.
The Early Childhood Development (EDC) Feeding Program in partnership with teachers Vivian Walasula and Caren Shitubi educates and feeds over 25 preschool children in Kitsuma slum area of Kitale.
In the past we have supplied supplies to Tumutumu Hospital in Karatina , including an industrial washer-dryer and in partnership with NorthPark Presbyterian Church in Dallas, an Eye Clinic.
We have given funds in Narok to send a young man with Spina Bifida to the Cure Hospital in Kijabe for care and  in 2007 we sent a young boy with cleft palate there for surgical repair.

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